5 days chogoria route down naro moru route

 A Thrilling 5-Day Mount Kenya Adventure: Chogoria Route to Naro Moru Route


Embarking on a 5-day Mount Kenya expedition via the Chogoria Route and descending via the Naro Moru Route is an epic journey that combines rugged trails, diverse landscapes, and a chance to conquer the majestic peaks of Africa’s second-highest mountain. Join me on this thrilling adventure as we trek through pristine valleys, ascend icy glaciers, and experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Mount Kenya.


Day 1: Chogoria Gate to Lake Ellis Camp (3,500m)

Our adventure begins at the Chogoria Gate, where we meet our experienced guides and porters. From there, we traverse through lush montane forests, filled with the melodies of chirping birds and the occasional sighting of unique wildlife. As we ascend further, we are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Gorges Valley. Our first day’s destination is the picturesque Lake Ellis Camp, situated at an elevation of 3,500 meters.

Lake Ellis

Day 2: Lake Ellis Camp to Mintos Hut (4,300m)

After a rejuvenating night at Lake Ellis, we continue our trek, crossing scenic moorlands and traversing the beautiful Lake Michaelson. The landscape transforms into rocky terrains as we approach the stunning Mintos Hut. Along the way, we may encounter various alpine flora, including the giant groundsels and lobelias. We spend the night at Mintos Hut, preparing for the challenging ascent to the summit.

mintos hut

Day 3: Mintos Hut to Point Lenana (4,985m) and Mackinder’s Camp (4,200m)

Today is the highlight of our journey as we aim to conquer Point Lenana, the highest point accessible without technical climbing. We start our summit attempt in the early morning, battling the freezing temperatures and navigating the icy glaciers. The final push requires determination and endurance, but the panoramic views from the summit make every step worthwhile. After celebrating our achievement, we descend to Mackinder’s Camp for a well-deserved rest.

Point lenana

Day 4: Mackinder’s Camp to Met Station (3,050m)

After a hearty breakfast at Mackinder’s Camp, we begin our descent via the Naro Moru Route. The trail takes us through spectacular valleys, including the famous Teleki Valley, surrounded by towering peaks and glaciers. We continue our descent to the Met Station, located at an elevation of 3,050 meters. The change in scenery offers a refreshing perspective as we journey through bamboo forests and dense vegetation.

Met station

Day 5: Met Station to Naro Moru Gate

On our final day, we complete our descent from the Met Station to the Naro Moru Gate. The trail leads us through beautiful rainforests, where we may encounter a variety of bird species and wildlife. As we reach the gate, a sense of accomplishment washes over us, knowing that we have conquered the magnificent Mount Kenya. We bid farewell to the mountain and head back to civilization, carrying memories of this unforgettable adventure.

Naro Moru Gate


Embarking on a 5-day trek via the Chogoria Route and descending via the Naro Moru Route offers an incredible opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes and conquer the towering peaks of Mount Kenya. From lush forests to rocky terrains, and from icy glaciers to picturesque valleys, every step of the journey presents new challenges and breathtaking vistas. The sense of accomplishment upon reaching Point Lenana’s summit is indescribable, and the memories forged along the way will last a lifetime. Mount Kenya’s majestic beauty is a testament to the wonders of nature, and this adventure promises an unforgettable experience for all who dare to embrace the challenge.